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NOTE: This program has now been retired.

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Minimum Hardware Requirements

Known Issues

1. Printing and Help - "Error Opening Browser"
On some versions of Windows with some browsers the program thinks it doesn't have permission to open a browser. We're looking at this problem at the moment. The workaround is to create a short cut. If've you've tried to create a printable version then this file will exist:
C:\Program Files\MM Multimedia\Sudoku\PrintVersion.htm

You can find this file using Windows Explorer and right click on it to create a short cut to your desk top. Every time you create printable version this file will update. If you experience the same issue with getting the Help up, go to this file:
C:\Program Files\MM Multimedia\Sudoku\SudokuHelp.htm

Technical Support

If you have any difficulty installing or running the program or it behaves in an unexpected manner, please email us at We will endeavour to help you as best we can. Your feedback it vital for future versions. If you contact us with a problem, Please provide us with the following:
  • The type of operating system you are running
  • The service pack level
  • Your screen resolution
  • The version number of The Sudokulist program (see Help and About)
The Sudokulist Team at MM MultiMedia

Changing Your Screen resolution

The game allows you to maximise the window it occupies if you click on the central of the three windows squares in the title bar (top right corner). However, if you normally run at quite a high screen resolution you may find the game easier to run if you reduce the resolution to 1024 x 768. This is how:
  • Close or move some windows until you can see your Desktop or right click on the Task Bar and select Show Desktop.
  • Using the mouse, right-click and select Properties from the menu
Select Properties
  • A new configuration window will appear. Select Settings from the tab
  • You should see Screen Resolution on that window. Select something smaller like 1024x768
  • When you press OK Windows will ask you if you want to keep your new resolution. Say Yes. All done

Screen Resolution